Areas of intervention

The Hospital run by Ruvuma Association is located in Mbweni, 35 km North of Dar es Saalam, in the region of Kunduchi. We decided to realize our solidarity project in Tanzania, a country where, according to the United Nations, the estimated lifespan for men is 47 years and  49 years for women.

Almost 60 per cent of the population live with less than 2 dollars a day, are among the serious illnesses affecting the country are malaria and Aids: official statistics show that 7 per cent of the adult population, with a high concentration in the age group between 20 and 34 years, die from malaria each year, among them children below the 5 years of age are the most hit and vulnerable group. According to the National Malaria Control Programme it would be enough to start the therapy when the illness is at its early stage to be cured.

In 1996 the Health Ministry published the Standard Guidelines for the Health Service to which everybody should have standardized. Currently on the territory the private health structures are: 126 Hospital and Health Centre (of which 70 voluntary organizations, 50 non-profit organizations, 6 government controlled organizations); 1340 Dispensaries (of which 561 non-profit organizations, 250 government controlled organizations, 30 dental clinics and 28 medical clinics).

As far as their location in the territory, of the 121 private hospitals, the 56 per cent are located in rural areas, the remaining 53 in urban areas. Of the 126 registered Health Centres, 65 are in rural areas, the remaining 61 are in urban areas. The 10 per cent of Dispensaries are in rural areas (134), the remaining in urban areas. Dental clinics and medical clinics are exclusively situated in urban areas.