Next goals

A new Dispensary in Pande

prossimi_obiettivi1Mr. and Mrs. Carlo and Stella Pola have built an edifice aimed to become a Dispensary with annexed Maternity Ward in the area of Pande, close to Bagamoyo, an area that lacks health structures. To this initiative also joined Doctor Giuseppe Valente, and later the Rotary Foundation with a financing from the Global Grant for the completion of the structure and for the needed equipment. Since in the area there is no electric energy, it has been necessary to equip the Dispensary with two electricity generators.
According to the rules of the Rotary Foundation, when a project is carried out in a country, it’s necessary that a Rotary Club of that country is involved in the operation. On the 2nd July, Rodrigo Rodriquez and Giuseppe Travaglini (both Rotary members awarded with the Paul Harris, the award that bring the name of the Rotary Club founders) have participated to the Convivial of the Rotary Club of Dar es Salaam, at the end of which it took place a meeting with some others Rotary members, among them, the new President. (in the picture, Rodrigo Rodriquez with the Rotary members at the end of the meeting).
To our Association, it has been asked to lay the basis for the health activity of the Dispensary, taking on the responsibilities to identify the needed health equipment and the choice of the suppliers, with particular reference to which of them to buy in Italy and which ones in Tanzania, as well as the training of the medical staff. Based to his tested experience at the Mbweni Hospital, Doctor Giuseppe Travaglini will involve Italian doctors and paramedic staff, taking care of the necessary know-how transfer, and of the supervision of the health activity in its complex.

A new camper for the mammography at the S. Maria Nascente Hospital in Mbweni

The Associazione Ruvuma Onlus decided, as a results of the increasing number of patients (from 18.500 in 2009 to 30.000 in 2010) to introduce among the population of the area of the hospital, the concept of PREVENTION, with a new mobile camper which will enable women to carry out the mammography examination for the prevention of breast cancer, quite high among the tanzanian women.

New developments in S. Maria Nascente Hospital

prossimi_obiettivi2The urbanization project decided by the Tanzanian authority is bringing to the territory 20,000 new inhabitants; this implied an increase of the working volume for our Hospital. We have enlarged the health infrastructures, as well as the air conditioning, the sterilization equipment, a blood bank, all activities that our Association finance and develop in the territory.