Associazione Ruvuma Onlus wants to give a small contribution to provide a better access to health and professional education to the population of Tanzania, in order to reduce the currently gap between the quality of life in Italy and the one of that country.

In fact, we believe that the accomplishment of the development cooperation is not only an obligation, but also a way to make our planet more liveable, a "shared home" to preserve for future generations.

We don't give away fish, we teach fishing.

This is the motto by which Rodrigo Rodriquez founded Ruvuma Onlus whose mission was to give a contribution to the improvement of the quality of life of the population of Tanzania.

Today, after a few months from his departure, I am gratefully accepting the role of president of the association, which he wonderfully held from the beginning.

Ruvuma will continue its work in the same spirit of collaboration and fraternity that had inspired my father, in the awareness that health and education made available in every corner of the Earth are conditions essential for durable peace in the world.

Chiara Rodriquez

the team


Chiara Rodriquez



Doctor Giuseppe Travaglini

Vice president and scientfic and health director


Stefania Romani

Communications manager


Floriana Monti