Health sector operator

S. Maria Nascente Hospital in Mbweni

ruolo_operatori_sanitario1The hospital boasts two of the most equipped operating theatre of Tanzania. The activity is carried out by Italian doctors, nurses and medical staff all volunteer, as well as local medical staff salaried by our Association and DMI. Italian doctors work side by side with local doctors, in order to transfer skills and provide the necessary professional training to make them autonomous.Since the 10th July 2008, the Health Centre of Mbweni Santa Maria Nascente became the first and only Italian hospital in Tanzania recognized by the agency of the Health Ministry, as structure with the adequate requirements to adhere to the Italian Hospital Alliance in the World.

Hospital services

Clinical Services
OPD(Out Patients Department)
Obstetrics – Gynecology
Women Stay in Hospital (Medicine, Surgery, Urology)
Pediatric Stay in Hospital
Men Stay in Hospital (Medicine, Surgery, Urology)
Stay in Hospital of infected patients
Support services
Laboratory of analysis
Scan and Ultrasound
Laboratory of Cytology
HIV Counseling
Technical Maintenance

AIDS cure and prevention

ruolo_operatori_sanitario2Lack of hygiene and the scarcity of doctors in Tanzania (1 doctor for every 10.000 inhabitants, compared to the 80 for every 10.000 inhabitants in Italy), implies that there is a high number of desperate cases. Official statistics show that people affected by Aids in Tanzania are more than 2 and a half million of a population of 36 million. Among the most significant activities of the hospital there are the interventions in the maternity-child sector, in the areas of prevention of mother-to-child HIV transmission, the set up of centres and free clinics where to do the voluntary testing and the counselling and training of operators, the interventions of integrated support (nutritional, therapeutic, both for opportunistic infections and antiretroviral or educational) and finally, social centres for children who are orphans by Aids parents or HIV positive.

Operating theatre

Our hospital, thanks to the generosity of a group of friends, is equipped with an operating theatre which is one of the best equipped in Tanzania. The health instruments are particularly modern. We do believe that our way of working is innovative: the idea to carry out something and at the same way enhance and motivate others to do more.