Medical professional training

Reports from the United Nations show that, on average, it take five years in Africa to train a doctor, three for a nurse, and that the lack of health specialists, in some of the poorest areas of the continent, like for instance Tanzania, is one of the problems to resolve as quick as possible to save human lives.

And it’s for this reason the since many years, all efforts of Associazione Ruvuma Onlus focus in training the local medical staff, sending periodically Italian doctors who transfer their know-how and skills to their Tanzanian colleagues.

  • ruolo_formatori_medici1We give the possibility to Tanzanian doctors to carry out their medical specialization in Italian hospitals.
  • Doctor Benedict Luoga, hired by our hospital two years ago, and now the Director of our hospital, has reached a high level of professionalism, even thanks to the commitment of Doctor Bruno Santoro, a radiologist specialized in diagnostic ultrasound, who gave Doctor Luoga the opportunity to spend three months in the hospital of Saint Maria Capua Vetere for acquiring further competence in diagnostic ultrasound.
  • We hired other two doctors: Hussein Adam and Ambrose Temu, who received the necessary training in order to be autonomous in their profession.
  • ruolo_formatori_medici2Doctor Ambrose Temu, thanks to Doctor Carlo Molino, Responsible of the Surgery Operating Oncological Unit of the Cardarelli Hospital of Naples, attended a specialization course in Surgery in Naples and in Hamburg. Associazione Ruvuma Onlus also offered to Doctor Ambrose the possibility to attend a Master of specialization at the Faculty of Medicine of the Dar es Salaam Hospital, connected to the Hospital of Muhimbili.
  • Doctor Francesco De Pasquale, a skilfull doctor specialized in anesthesia, carried out many training course in its field for the training of local staff, both religious than laic.