ART. 1

The association denominated “RUVUMA Association No-profit organization with social utility” named also RUVUMA ONLUS, has its legal office in Milan, Italy. ?It will be possible to have detached offices of operative, administrative or scientific typology in Italy and abroad; in that case the new units will have to be  indicated in every external communication from the organization.

The Association adopts in its own denomination the qualification of No Profit Organization with social utility which brings a peculiar sign of status and for this objective it is included in every communication and external expression of the same.

The association is apolitical and not linked to any political party or confessional, with illimited length in time and with no lucrative aim. ?The association is committed to not assume dependent relationships with organisations which have lucrative aims, neither to join public or private organisations, Italian or foreigner with lucrative aims.

The association is constituted and has disciplinary action according to the law articles 14 of the civil code, according to the law of the 26 February 1987, of the decree law of the 4 December 1997, no. 460, as well as of the present article of association. ?The association can acquire the grade of Non Governmental Organization according to the meanings of the law of the 26 February 1987, no. 49 and subsequent modifications and integrations; in that case it commits itself to accept the periodical controls decided by the general direction for the development cooperation.

ART. 2

Aims and istitutional goals

The association exclusively follows solidarity social goals and operates in the charity sectors, of the safeguard of the civil rights, of the professional training, of the social and health assistance, in relation to disadvatage people in order to accomplish the following activities:

short and medium time programmes in developing countries,?training interventions in the places of citizens of developing countries,?informative and educational development activities.

Aim of the association is the carrying out of activities of cooperation in favour of the third world countries population, to be done through:
the promotion of forms of assistance and aid to those who live in poverty conditions in every part of the world;?the realization of initiatives and health activities in developing countries;
the realization of professional intervention aimed at the health education and training of the local staff;
the building of residential structures at community level to host young orphans, ?the promotion and activation of development cooperation activities in favour of third world population aimed at solving problems arising from the lack of drinking water;
the promotion and realization of short and medium time programmes in developing countries;
making awar of the above described activities.

In order to accomplish these objectives the association:
it undertakes any operation which will be regarded as useful or necessary to promote and carry out the association objectives or raise funds for the same;
it promotes and realize distance adoption projects;?it promotes and realize projects aimed at the growth of the single person and to human solidarity,
in an autonomous way, than in collaboration with local organisations present in the area;?it promotes the constitution of organizations and entities who have aims and objectives similar to those of the association;
it stipulates contracts, negotiations and agreements able to allow the accomplishment of the aims and objectives of the association.
It cannot carry out activities different from those institutional already mentioned, with the exception of the activities directly linked and in respect of the conditions and limits of the art. no. 10 – 5° paragraph – of the decree law 4.12.1997 no. 460.
The functioning modalities, the services supply, the management and the access to the organization structure will be disciplinary to an administrative rule which will be approved by the members of the Assembly.
The association commits itself to present every year the report on the current work in progress of its programmes to those organizations who request it according to the law.
The association commits itself to provide the appropriate warrantees according to the realization of the scheduled activities through the activation of structures and personnel training necessary to the objective.
The association expresses its own availability to show the operative experience and the required organizational capability, in relation to developing countries, in the field or fields for which it is asked an eligibility recognition and to accept the periodical controls decided the the General Direction for the Development Cooperation according to the aims of the maintenance of the qualification.
The association undertakes the duty to present its analytical balances of the last three years, to document its bookeeping as well as to present a yearly report on the work in progress of the activities.