Health sector facilitator

The realisation of a Phatology Laboratory

In 1999 we started, thanks to Professor Francesco Callea and with the collaboration of SIAPEC (the Italian Association of Pathologists) the realization of a laboratory of Pathology at the great Bugando Medical Centre of Mwanza, on the lake Victoria. The laboratory has been taken under the direction of the Association Vittorio Tison, created to remember this great doctor, who had conceived our dispensary, now Hospital.
This initiative, of high professional level, has been supported by a university of Pathology to train the Tanzanian doctors, followed by Professor Francesco Callea. It has also been the start for the creation in the Bugando Medical Center of an Oncologic Unit, supervised by Professor Dino Amadori, who is developing a center of excellence for the diagnostic and therapy of cancers, with particular focus on Pediatric Oncology.

Health equipment and instruments

ruolo_facilitatori_sanitario1We provide with health instruments and equipment the Hospitals run by the Ministry of Health of Tanzania, as well as those run by religious organisations, thanks to the collaboration of Coope Associazione Medicea Onlus. We also started a rehabilitation intervention in the Hospital of Mafia, and help gave the material needed for the building of the Pediatric Hospital of Chipumagua, as well as the health instruments for the Psychiatric Department of the Nmbuimbili Hospital of Dar es Salaam, for the operating theatre of the Itigi Hospital and for the one of the Village of Hope in Dodoma.

A new dispensary

ruolo_facilitatori_sanitario2We contributed to build in Chibumagwa, in the North Regione of the big Masai plain, a dispensary with annexed maternity ward, providing it with tiles for the pavement and internal walls and asking, as well, to a group of friends in love with Africa, to give to charity the proceeds of the sale of a book with the best pictures and stories on Africa produced by them.


We started the building of the Maternity and Pediatric Department of the hospital in Mafia, a beautiful island in the Indian Ocean which totally lacks of any kind of health structure.

Trips in Italy for seriously ill children

We organize and finance journeys of hope in Italy, bringing to our country some of the most desperate health cases, which cannot be cured in place, using regional funds that come from the Emilia Romagna region, and which are specifically targeted for these kind of projects in developing countries. One of the most significant example is Agata Emekele, 6 years old, affected by hydrocephalus. She has been taken in Italy and operated in the Pediatric Surgical Department of the Ferrara Hospital, thanks to the collaboration with the Local Health Authority of the Emilia Romagna region.