Professional training

Sewing school

In the mission of Sister Teresa Drago in Morogoro we equipped the first centre of the sewing school for girls who Sister Teresa rescued from the streets.


Our Association has donated to the school sewing machines, sewing thread and fabric, an irrigation plant and some furniture for the building.

We also brought from Italy a wood stove for the kitchen canteen where the sisters eat.

Thanks to the support of the Association Medicea Onlus, Sister Teresa was able to receive for her projects also a tank farm to collect rain water.

IT School

formazione_professionale2We supported the Technical Institute A. Galeotti of Ferrara to realize a IT school, our Association provided the computers while the Institute sent two teachers to Tanzania to teach young Tanzanians the necessary skills to be able to teach to others. We like to underline that a part of the travel expenses to Tanzania of the Italian teachers have been paid by students.

Professional school of Mtongani

formazione_professionale3To the professional School of Mtongani, 15 kilometers from Mbweni, we donate instruments for their laboratory of carpentry. This is a school run by the religious Congregation of Preziosissimo Sangue, to which, since several years, we offer to their best ten students a scholarship which cover half the fee for the following academic year. Moreover we provide the school with bicycles for those students who cannot afford travel expenses to reach from their home the school.

Every year, Associazione Ruvuma Onlus distribute a number of scholarships consisting in half boarding cost for the scholastic year, to the eight most valid students of the St. Gaspar Vocational Training and Service Centre, the professional school of Mtongani, 20 km from Dar Es Salaam.
formazione_professionale4To this school, Associazione Ruvuma also donated 15 years ago the necessary equipment for the carpentry, metalworker and Information Technology laboratories. The school has almost 350 students and is part of the educational institutions of the Preziosissimo Sangue Congregation, whose Tanzania Provincial, the wonderful Father Antonio Calabrese (better known by everybody as Father Tonino) helped us in the 90s to start our presence in Tanzania. The mission of the centre is to provide educational training in those sector where there is a job market (in the above table the list of the offered courses). Info: